Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Yesterday the boys spotted this tiny baby just inside the ram fence. The rams were milling around it and I feared at any moment they would step on him. I call him "Dickie." He's a baby black-capped Chickadee.

He woke us up bright and early this morning demanding food. We've been feeding him mosquitos, knats, peanut butter, and crushed sunflower nuts from the tip of a bamboo skewer. He's quite voracious.

At first I was so worried he'd die of shock. I added a few drops of Rescue Remedy to his water and dip his mosquitos in that before I present them to him. He hates to be left in his rubbermaid tub. He loves to be snuggled in my palm, or perch on my shoulder while I move around. I've been doing my best to mimic the types of touch he would experience in the nest and he's been quite active and busy.
Still, I am holding my breath for his safety. I have a call in to the local bird rehabilitator...I'm hoping she gets back to me soon.
In the meantime, say a little prayer for Dickie, that he may return to his natural habitat very soon.

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Gail V said...

Hi Sabrina! I just found your blog and loved your tale of Dickie the chickadee! How very sweet-- and I am glad it came out as well as it did. I'll go back and read more now, and later, will go to my blog (thanks for the link to it)and will link to yours!

Gail V at Little Red Oak, Hamburg