Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost March

Esyllt, open eweling, eating fresh snow after licking mineral.

Last week I worked 53.5 hours.  The week before that was about the same.  And this one will be too.  I'm so tired.  Thank you to Clancy for doing so many of my sheep chores the last few weeks. (months)
Here are just a few random photos from last week... just to prove I still have sheep.
Hoping for polled lambs from all my pairings this year!
River Oaks Lana... oh please give me a gully ewe lamb to keep!

River Oaks Hannah... she is such a friendly girl.

Boston Lake Lyneth.  Did she take this year?  I hope so.

Boston Lake Carys, open eweling, making sure I'm not too close while she takes her turn at the mineral.