Monday, November 26, 2012

Rescue Poodle ADOPTED!

I'm so happy to report that this little poodle has found a wonderful home!
I wish him and his new family many happy years together!

My friend, Gail, rescued a little dog that was dumped off on the highway by her house.  She doesn't want another dog herself, so she is trying to find this little guy a good home.
He is a miniature poodle.  Neutered male.  Approximately 6 lbs...but he needs to gain a bit of weight as he was starving.  He eats regular dog food, loves to cuddle, and appears to be housebroken.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Felting

In addition to making more Dryer Stones, I attempted to make a cat toy...
This mouse was intended for my Aunt Lori's cat, Buck.
But Lori liked it too much to give it to the cat.  lol

So I had to make another toy that was less tempting to humans...
Having fun!  :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Felting Away...

Here are the Felted Dryer Stones I made out of my Shetland britch wool. 
A few accent colors from yarn and lambs wool were used to spruce them up a bit.
I also needle felted inside a large cookie cutter to create this flat rabbit.
I had the idea to create a story and a book for him...but I changed my mind.
The project I want to do requires the bunny to be flat, but double-sided.
So I added wool to the back and made an additional two-sided bunny.
I'm going to keep my project a secret for a while longer...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Autumn Fiber

I have been a busy bee with fiber lately.  It all started when a local artist that sells her fiberwork at
called me to buy natural colored fiber.  She wanted washed batts.  I had plenty of fiber, but little of it was washed up.  And what was scoured was too precious to sell (read: superfine lambs wool in gorgeous grays). Luckily, Becky had lots of fiber on hand and I was able to refer the lady to her.  This artist even said, "OH, I follow Becky's blog already!"  So I hope it all worked out.
This little experience prompted me to DO SOMETHING with all the raw fleece I had still sitting around.  I gathered everything I had from this spring's shearing, and years past, together.  I had to finish skirting four spring fleeces.  Then I made the radical decision to let someone else do the scouring.  After a couple phone chats with Kelly Knispel at
I confidently shipped off nine bags of wool to her expert care.  Five bags will be washed.  Four bags will be washed and carded.  Kelly was great about processing each fleece separately so I could keep my small amounts of colors separate.
That left just a few small piles of neck and britch wool that didn't fit into my grand scheme of mill processing.  But these were small enough batches for me to wash in the kitchen sink.  So I got started on that project and I have been flicking and carding ever since.
Clockwise from top left:
Carmel neck wool, Charcoal neck wool (from Lana's black gully neck colors), Black britch, Moorit Iset Britch, Moorit Britch, Dark Brown neck wool.
Yesterday, a friend on Facebook asked if I had wool she could use to make Dryer Balls.  I figured the britch wool would be great for that.  But I had to make some Dryer Balls first so I knew how much wool it required.
So now I have a couple of kits put together for this craft project.
It feels GREAT to finally be DEALING with this wool!