Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Lleulu

Still in Iowa.  Growing fast!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Since Pooja died this spring I have been looking for a replacement LGD.  Shachah is older (8) and it was obvious that he really appreciated having a partner LGD to work with.

Enter Lleulu (lulu).
She will be coming home to Boston Lake next week. 
She has been receiving excellent love and training at her birth farm in Iowa called
Check out their website for all types of poultry breeds.  Kristin at TCH even has some Shetland Ducks!

This will be my first experience training an LGD.  I am sincerely hoping Shachah will help me out a bit.  And since I am not breeding the ewes for next spring, Lleulu won't encounter lambs until she is about two years old.  One LGD breeder told me that could be a good thing since Lu will probably be past her 'chew-small-animals' stage then.  Rest assured, I am doing tons of reading and preparation for this new little girl.  She comes from a long line of guardian dogs.  If she fulfills her potential she will bring a lot of peace of mind to both me and Shachah.  I know he can handle a great deal.  But we have some heavy predators around here, such as bear, puma, and timber wolf.  Just this week a neighbor had a mature black bear by his back door that came toward him when he yelled.  People like to feed the bears out of their cars at the dumps around here.  Perhaps it was expecting a treat.  Regardless of the reason for this bear's behavior, I feel better having a team of LGD's at my farm.  We see predators like this every few weeks, year-round.  I don't mind if they are out in the woods, but I don't really want them in my yard.

Little Lleulu has some big (Pooja) shoes to fill.  And I know it will take her a couple of years to develope her skills.  Her breeder tells me she is the pick of the litter, though....very smart!  I feel so privileged to be getting her.
Thank you, Kristin, for raising such a fine pup! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hard Decision-UPDATE

Greta is the luckiest dog!  A friend from high school has decided to adopt Greta.
The Grub will go to live in the suburbs this weekend.  She will get to sleep indoors, cuddle with two kitty-cats, play with two young boys...and never come in contact with a porcupine ever again.  Her main duties will include being adorable, and loving her new family.

We are so happy for our Grubby.  And we are so thankful to my friend and her family for giving Greta a wonderful new home.

We want to find Greta a new home...a new family...
I've had Greta since she was 5 weeks old.  She is 7 now.  That is a long time.  But the whole family has talked about it and we agree that Greta would be better off...and we would be better off...if she had a home that could keep her from getting into porcupines.  She refuses to learn her lesson.  And I am tired of spending several days a month holding her down with my entire body weight while Clancy pulls quills.
Greta (with the exception of porcupines) is a remarkably low-maintenance dog.  She does need brushing, of course.  But she is totally low-key.  She is the least demanding dog I have ever met.  Food, water, a pat on the head...she's happy.  She can be outside year-round, but she is completely house-trained and would not mind living in a house either.  She never barks in the house.  She sleeps with all four feet in the air.  And of all our dogs she is the one that makes us LAUGH the most with her quirks.
Greta would be perfect for a person that just wants a quiet, undemanding companion.  She never jumps on people, knows basic commands, comes when called, takes food from your hand with a delicate mouth.  In short, she is just a calm, quiet, mild, relaxed, even-tempered dog.  The kind that would be happy with a nice place to sleep and one or two slow walks a day.  (She would not make a good jogging partner at all.)  She's a dog that likes to amble comfortably through life...a path of least resistance dog.
Greta never ceases to amuse us with her cuteness.
And if we weren't tired of the porcupine issue...she wouldn't be going anywhere.
If someone out there just needs a quiet pal, please call for more information.
Be aware that I will be very picky about where Greta is placed.
Thank you.
Sabrina: 218-556-0862