Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Bye, Shachah

Shachah's health has been failing for several weeks.  We consulted his vet several times and it was decided that pain management was the most that could be done for him.  A good day here and there kept our hopes up.  But over time, we had to add more pain medications just to keep him comfortable and mobile.  He started eating less and less until all he consumed was a little raw ground lamb covering his meds.
Saturday night he refused his food and we could not get his pain meds into him.  He would not even lap at a raw egg for me yesterday.  And he was in so much pain he just whined and whined no matter what position he was in.  He could not stand without his hips and back legs trembling.  And he would not let us touch him on the back anymore.
So I put him down this morning.  Though it pained hiim to do so, he willingly walked up the plywood ramp into the van and rode peacefully into the vet's office.  He was so calm.  I was a teary mess.
Shachah never once failed in his duties.  He was always gentle with other animals, people and children.  We witnessed him confronting bears and wolves with absolute bravery and confidence.   He patrolled his territory like an old soldier.  We had the utmost faith in his abilities to keep our farm and livestock safe.
Shachah was an amazing guardian.  I can not do him justice with words.
Hopefully these photos display his great sense of purpose and self.
Thank you, Becky, for sharing him with us.
Thank you, Shachah, for everything....
You are going to be greatly missed, Big Guy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

I turn 40 today.
It sounds rather daunting, but I'm so glad I made it this far.  Life just keeps getting better and better!
I recently started running to try to get fit. You can follow my progress on my new blog;
 I guess a birthday like "40" will do that to a person.  I'm rather terrible at it, but I'm learning.  And learning something new is good.  It keeps one young.
In the spirit of youthful exploration I decided to post this baby photo of me
P - L - A - Y - I - N - G
Remember how fun a box could be... or the kitchen cupboards?
Here's to more PLAY in my future.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Late Fall

Just a few snapshots of the ewes.
I'm feeding hay in their winter pen now.  But the weather was just so lovely I thought I would let them out for a few hours.
They enjoyed it!
Lyneth...bigger than ever!

My two katmogets:  Nhu & Esyllt

Hannah by the lake.

And I can't forget to add some Lleulu.  She's all NOSE in this picture, which reflects her personality quite well.  ;)