Friday, June 29, 2007

Third Annual Fourth of July Celebration...

Meet Greta and Sally, two of our three canine friends. Sally is the shepherd mix, Greta is the muppet-chow mix. If our family was on TV, these dearies would be the stars of the show. We make up poems about them..."Greta's in and Sally's out. Greta's thin but Sally's stout." We write stories about them...currently we are editing "Mutts on the Rug."

And we clean up the mess after they celebrate the Fourth of July weekend.

We know our dogs well. If they are ever outside together, unleashed and unattended, they run. So we rotate them in and out of confinement all day long. If Sally is in the house, Grettie Grub can be outside. If Grettie's in the kennel, Sally can run where ever she pleases.

However, this is the third July 4th holiday in a row that these two naughty girls have broken the door right off of the kennel and gone out to party with a porcupine. This year it appears as though Sally manuevered through the lower third of the door and leveraged it right off the hinge with her big hind end. (Last year Greta broke into the kennel while Sally was in there. Then they ran off to find that porcupine. Greta is the only dog I know of that occasionally breaks into a kennel for a nap in her dog house.)

Any other day of the year and these two are content with their routine. But apparently one should live it up for the best holiday of summer. Or beat the humans to the party. We will be forgoing certain plans to stay home and pull quills. Again.

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