Monday, July 23, 2007

'Atta Girl

Megan saves the day. For Herself anyway. Actually she's been taking care of this enormous breech of Canine Meal Rules for a couple of day's now. You know humans though, they are "Slow Learners."

A little background: Meg still gets a special puppy chow. I don't even think she likes this stuff, but she expects her due. Every morning I shuffle into the kitchen at 6 am to put on the tea kettle. If I forget to feed Megan right then, she will hold out for about three minutes, then she gets busy reminding me of my Most Important chores: The ones that concern Her. Megan will pick up her stainless steel dish and drop it on the wood floor which creates a fabulous CLANG. (Much more effective than the clinky nudging of said bowl that she previously employed.)

So now the chow is in the bowl. Sally gets put out for her morning jaunt and Greta slides in for her off-duty nap...

"Ah, but that delicious puppy chow in that handy different and tasty compared to the regular chow poor Greta has to eat outside in her dish...and it's sitting right in the path from the back door to the living room rug..."

"GRETA! Get out of there!"...and the culprit slips away to sleep off the full tummy feeling.

Meg, who has been exuberantly welcoming the groggy boys that are stumbling down the stairs (having been jarred from slumber by a loud CLANG), snaps to attention and comes to investigate the crime scene: "Dish, empty. Master, crabby. Greta scent leads from Dish to Rug. Greta the Dull lolls on Rug. Outrage!"

Apparently Master is inept. Such things should not occur. The time has come to put the matter into the paws of a more intelligent being...

For the past two days Meg has tucked herself into her crate when I open her food bin. OK, whatever. She wants to be fed in there?... fine with me. This morning I happened to drink my tea in the kitchen. I witnessed the elaborate measures Meg felt obligated to create in order to foil Greta from chow theft:

Get inept Master to put Dish in Crate. Pull Blanky almost all the way out of Crate. Heap large folds of Blanky on top of Dish. Dish completely disguised. Close Crate door. Master is well trained to open it for Me if I can't get it bumped open Myself. Go about my Important Business knowing Dish is safe from The Dull One.

Obviously my 6 am autopilot mode is not sophisticated enough to solve complex problems. Thank goodness Meg has things under control until the caffeine kicks in.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Such a smart dog! (and an entertaining life :-)

Tammy said...

So hilarious! Sometimes it's hard to keep ahead of the 'Smart Ones'! Ha.. Enjoyed the post.