Monday, July 2, 2007


It rained last night. We needed it, things were getting dusty. Compared to last summer, though, this year is like a tropical rain forest. You won't find me complaining about rain unless my house gets flooded-and we built on piers.
The only thing I really don't appreciate about a delicious overnight thunderstorm is the swelter of heavy humidity the next day if it turns out to be a hot one. I wilt. I really do. My paternal grandmother couldn't tolerate humidity either and I swear I'm just like her.
As I mentioned yesterday, today I had a lot of outdoor work to do. Thank goodness for shade! And pop ice. I ate way too many, even though I think the food coloring is bad stuff.
Technically, I filled the order for aspen sticks. My house looks like a bamboo forest. But Clancy (my husband) found a nice grove that is peeling well so I'm going to keep working. I want to pick the best 50 out of maybe 80 to fill this order. The surplus is not inferior-it just doesn't match exactly the specs the client ordered. I'll have extra for folks that just want to order a few sticks with more character or diameter.
Today's photo is of the ewe flock. They were camped out under a tree, stomping off flies, feeling generally miserable in the heat. My sister took this picture last week during our heatwave, but today felt about the same as then. Selena got a new digital camera and I told her to take pictures of the farm for me. She wandered about for an hour and came back in the house to announce that the sheep were suspicious and wouldn't pose, and the chickens were just plain absent. Apparently if I want more flattering photos of my sheep I have to borrow the camera and take them myself. They won't give Selena anything other than "the glare." But maybe it was just the humidity.

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