Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Feeling Numb

I take care of my nephew a couple of days a week during the summer. Today, all the kids and I visited Grandma Erickson and didn't get home until about 6pm.
When my sister stopped in later to pick up her son, it was obvious something was wrong. She was crying...she asked me to turn on the computer...something terrible had happened in Minneapolis...
As the frightening photos began to load on the screen we were quietly searching for clues and details of the location of the accident. Selena was thinking of her many friends that live right in the Twin Cities. I was just starting to grasp the magnitude of the tragedy.
Hours later I have found out that our relatives in the Cities are safe and accounted for. A neighbor's brother is safe. Selena hasn't heard about some of her friends yet. My mind is replaying the footage and thinking of the people. The fear...the prayers...the heros...the injured...the saved...the lost.
Minneapolis-St. Paul, you are in my prayers.