Monday, August 27, 2007

Had a Great Time

The past four days have been so busy. When I have the time I'll try to post about the main events. But before it's too far gone, I wanted to say how much fun I had on Saturday. Sorry, no photos to share.
Garrett Ramsay hosted a picnic at his farm, Saturday. I had a great time touring your place, Garrett - getting to meet you and your animals, and visiting with Gail V. and Mary! Let's not forget all the puppies too! I was in dog heaven with so many purebred canine beauty's about. I have always loved Corgi's and terriers-so visiting with Oliver, Sadie, Mack, Zoe, and Mary's Molly was a blast.

The baby pygmy goats were so cute I wanted to stuff one in my bag. Seriously. If I had a pygmy goat I'm sure it's little hooves would never touch the ground. It would be a lap goat. I managed to restrain myself from kidnapping (ha, literally) one of Garrett's babies.
The Shetland's were a joy as well. Garrett, you have some very nice sheep and some gorgeous fleeces. I got to see the fleece off the ram Gail just bought from Garrett and the caramel color was incredible. I was envious. Good for you, Gail! Oh, and just to make things even more fun, Gail brought some of her flock with her. The bersugget ramling's fleece was so blue and BIG. What a handsome boy he was.
There were so many different species to view and admire at Garrett's place, I'm barely scratching the surface in my description. Dinner was delicious. The conversation was educational, entertaining, and interesting. The company was fun. The animals were wonderful. I love visits to other people's farms! Thank you for the great day out.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

While it won't rival Garrett's for number of ANY one kind of animal, you are welcome to visit us here at Boulderneigh any time! Would love to meet you!

Garrett808 said...

Sabrina, I am SO glad you were able to come down to my farm to see all the critters and talk sheep! You and your family are welcome anytime!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thank you, Garrett. I will visit you again-hopefully with an animal crate in the back so I can take a sheep home!

And Michelle, if I am anywhere near Oregon I will definitely try to visit. I'd love to meet you too. (I'm thinking I should go to one of my college reunions someday-ditch the reunion and visit sheep people instead.) Maybe we'll meet at a NASSA event someday- I hardly ever get to them but I'm going to try to make Jefferson and the AGM next year since it's in Wisconsin (relatively close)

Have a great day you two!