Friday, November 30, 2007

Greta's Example

Lately I've been too busy. Instead of planning my day, I feel like I'm simply reacting to the bombardment of a frantic schedule. I need to slow down, prioritize, and pace myself.
I could learn a thing or two from Greta.
Greta eats her kibble leisurely. She sleeps soundly. In fact, right now, after a long night of resting on the rug, she is completely conked out. That potty break out in the -10 degree weather this morning must have been exhausting.
Actually, I think Greta knows that by 9am she will be tossed outside to guard the farm until noon. There is no doubt in her mind that master will be putting her to work, so she might as well relax.
But there might lie the secret wisdom I have been seeking...Greta has one master. One command to fulfill. One obey her commands. Beyond that, she has no worry.
How many masters do I have? My family, my job, my animals, my dreams, my physical body, my social obligations, my bills, my housekeeping...I can't serve them all. It is Biblical directive to have but one Master.
Today, I will take a cue from my serene friend, Greta. I will try to focus on my one and only Master. I will trust Him to guide my day, to help me overcome obstacles, and to do my best. If I attend to His command, I will have peace. I will find rest in Him.


Tammy said...

Oh so true. No wonder we are frazzled and worn---trying to serve so many Masters, instead of the Master. Thanks for the reminder. Still enjoying your blog and Greta is lovely. (If you following the link on my name you can find my blog link--you had asked for it before I think---otherwise its Musings from Fairlight Farm).

Garrett808 said...

Wow, this post really got me thinking. I do worry too much and have too many other 'gods' that I am devoted to like the animals, work, my dogs, friends etc.

I need to spend time more often with Him. I'm not perfect so will try my hardest, as that is when, and only then, that I find peace. Thanks for sharing.