Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Peeping Snowflakes

The boys have been anxious about the nest the broody hen is sitting on. I was about to loose hope for the eggs too. The mama has been faithful to the nest. But what if the eggs were damaged by cold before we transfered the nest to the coop?
Well, Clancy did chicken chores this morning after the boys were off to school. He came in to tell me he heard peeping in the coop. I could hardly believe it. When we lifted up the hen, there were four fuzzy little chickies and nine eggs in the nest. Tonight, there was another chick, not yet dry from it's hatching.
These chicks are the tiniest little miracles. Just beyond their mother's protective wings, winter is leaning heavily against the chicken coop. Low clouds sweep down with chill and frost. Inside the coop, fluffy chicky snowflakes are piling up.


Becky Utecht said...

Congratulations on the chicks! I bet your boys are thrilled that they talked you out of selling all the chickens. I think it's nice to hear the sound of chicks in the wintertime. Here's hoping the rest of the eggs hatch out soon. Did you see any other eggs that were cracked and peeping? It's amazing how they can get ice cold (like if they roll out of the nest) and still come back to life if you warm them up in time.

Sharon said...

Clancy, Sabrina and boys,
Happy Thanksgiving. Ryan and Shelbie have been reading your blog faithfully daily. We have an icon in the tool bar for it and Ryan knows which one it is and he goes and looks at the chickens. He remembers chasing this summer and the boys catching one for him. You will have to try to get a picture of the chicks.