Saturday, November 24, 2007


Judging from the mussed look of her, I'd say Windswept Northwind got bred today. This photo of her was taken on Monday though.
It may sound kind of weird, but we shepherds have to keep an eye out for these types of details. It's very handy to know the expected due date for each ewe. Special care can be made during the last week of pregnancy if one knows when the last week of pregnancy is. When I have to be away from the farm for more than a couple of hours during lambing season, I can put the ewe(s) closest to delivery in a jug before I leave so I know that if they come in the lambs will be protected from the elements. Or I'll put the close ewes in the barn at night just in case.
This year Northwind is being bred to fawn Katmoget, Bombarde, and I hope she gives me a fawn Kat ewe lamb or a musket ewe lamb. I won't be able to get those colors and patterns from any other ewe this year. Of course, I would also be pleased with a black Kat ewe or a grey ewe, but there is the chance that Anna Belle could give me those variations.
Notice I haven't mentioned a ram lamb of any color yet? I'm hoping to not get ram lambs from Northwind. I intend to sell her next year and I would like one more ewe lamb from her to keep in the flock, besides Rai Min. Those are my preferences. Only time will tell if I'll get what I hope for.
Northwind has the distinct fame at Boston Lake Farm for being the most protective dam. Fierce, shall we say? Yes, fierce. Fortunately, she is an excellent mother that does not need intervention. This shepherd doesn't have to crawl into her jug too often.
Until I separated Rai Min for breeding season, Northwind was still allowing her daughter to nurse, which probably explains why Rai Min is such a chunk. Northwind also throws lambs that are better than herself, when bred to a good ram. I like that about a ewe. So I am really looking forward to what this gal can give me next spring...right around April 20th I think.

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