Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trophy Husband

Photo by Jen Laitala. Used with permission.
Clancy suggested I title this entry: "Why the house isn't finished yet." But I'm too proud of him to actually do that.
The photographer took this picture from a chairlift while Clancy was running the NASTAR race course at Buena Vista Ski Area. Clancy races NASTAR every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. He also has Adult Race League every Saturday evening. Last night the racers had their season's-end awards ceremony. Clancy brought home a garish gold and electric-blue prisma-colored trophy for being the "Most Improved" skier. He really pushed himself this year, and his hard work paid off.
I'm not much for sports. And although I've never seen my husband race, (too busy working inside the chalet during racing hours), I'm happy for Clancy having something in his life that inspires him to stay fit, try new things, meet new people, compete at a fun level, and just be happy. He says it's exhilarating to ski that fast.
Congratulations, Clancy!


Karen B. said...

That's really neat, Sabrina. It's so nice to have things to do that make us happy in addition to our families. I'm envious of your "up north" location & scenery, so beautiful! Greetings from the southern plains of Minn-

Kathy said...

You know, the house will still be there after the snow is melted. Sometimes, you just have to do something for the soul. :)

How are you feeling, Sabrina?

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Much better, Kathy. Thanks for asking. Greetings Karen! Hope you are both well.