Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Lamb...

Sian delivered her ewe lamb this morning around 5am. At 6am I found this little gal outside running around in the freezing dawn, still half wet. Sian seemed very confused. She paid attention to the lamb, obviously, but she was nervous too-almost like she was frightened by this new thing.
I put mother and baby in a jug. Since the lamb was so strong, Clancy and I decided to get the kids on the school bus before we went back out to do all the newborn things with her. Unfortunately, when we returned to the barn, the lamb was much weaker, no more cleaned off than last time, and Sian still looked afraid of it.
So we brought the lamb in to warm up. I filled four mason jars with hot water and tucked them around her with a towel over the top. We got about two ounces of Rachel's colostrum in her and then left her to warm up. She went right to sleep with her little chin resting on a hot water bottle. She was still drowsy when we took her back out to the barn. Sian wanted her back but we haven't witnessed any nursing yet. We will work with her again at noon. I hope Sian settles down.
This ewe lamb was much hoped for: she is absolutely stunning. Sian has the best black fleece in my flock. Her lamb has uniform crimpy fleece right down to her tiny tail. And it is as silky as the sire's fleece. (Unicorn). I am sure things will get on track for mom and baby. I must admit, though, that first time mothers can be a handful. The only one I've ever dealt with prior to this spring was Zora, 3 years ago, and she was a wonderful mom from the first moment on. Sian has always been aloof, so maybe it is just her way. At least she hasn't rejected the lamb. She just seems nervous to be away from the rest of the flock-all by herself with this new creature. Wish her well.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Glad to hear you dodge white muscle disease on this one.