Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boston Lake Duvie

This little ewe lamb is my funny girl. She was born between the older lambs and the youngest batch of lambs, so she didn't have anyone her exact age to goof around with. Bam initially tried to bully her and she decided to beat him, and all the other lambs, to the punch. Duvie is my little independent thinker. She is happy to run with the mob, but she also can be separate from them without anxiety.
Duvie (Bramble Allister x Sheltering Pines Dolce) carries at least one modified gene, and possibly two. She is almost 4 weeks old now and she seems to be lightening in the face more than her black sister Nadin. We will just have to wait and see if she turns out to be modified herself.
Duvie has very nice conformation and the same tiny tail both of her parents carry. I expect her to turn out as wonderfully as her older sister, Delyth, (who is Bam's mom.) In this picture, Duvie is approaching me on a steep slope, hence the odd angle. She is coming up for the chin scratches she just learned to appreciate last week. Before that she was a little shy. Now she crowds in with the others and she'll climb in my lap if she has to. Lambies must be loved, you know!

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