Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boston Lake Nadin

Little Nadin napping in the sun. Nadin is a few hours older than Bam, but she is more petite. Her dam, Rachel, is my tallest ewe and Nadin looks like she is taking after Mom and older sister Sian in height and structure.
Rachel's line is very milky and rather bony in appearance. Even when Rachel and Sian are in excellent shape, they are very slim and look like "Holsteins" next to "Black Angus" cows. Dolce's line is short, compact, and more muscular-the Black Angus type.
Nadin is a keeper. She has the same dense, soft, lustrous, crimpy fleece that her older sister Sian has. If I had to, I would feel very comfortable offering either of these girls as high quality breeding ewes. I'm not wild about black fleece, but these two girls have the best black fleeces in my flock by far.
Clancy and I have decided we will retire Rachel after Nadin is weaned. I have gotten used to the fact that she is just a bony ewe. Her lambs are always well fed and thrive-so I know she is doing well. But I recently skirted her '08 fleece and found the staple to be much shorter than it was last year when she was given a break from breeding. Even then it was only about 4 inches. This year it was more like 2.5 inches. Because of it's short staple, I really only kept half of the fleece compared to last year.
Nadin is a bit special because I intend her to be Rachel's last lamb. I feel very fortunate that Rachel has given me two gorgeous ewe lambs to keep. I intend to keep breeding registered Shetlands from her line. Bombarde should be an excellent ram for both daughters. It's hard to believe I'm already looking forward that far into the future. As if time doesn't pass fast enough as it is...
Last night, Asa helped me do chores. He was pretty bummed that his lamb, Bam, will probably be a butcher lamb. While he slouched on the barn bench, little Nadin came up to give him kisses and stayed while he rubbed her brisket bone. In fact, she was pretty blissed out with his attentions. Every time Asa paused, Nadin moved in closer until she was in his lap. :) I could here him talking to her softly while I did the chores. Nadin was doing her best to cheer him up, and I think it worked. When it was time to leave, Nadin followed Asa all the way to the gate. He had to stop and pet her a few more times and giggle at how persistent she was. What a little sweetheart she is.

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