Friday, June 6, 2008

Ris-For Sale

I moved the sheep onto new grass the day I snapped all of these photos. So inevitably, most of the sheep had their heads down eating.

Boston Lake Ris is getting to be quite a handsome boy. (ShelteringPines Bombarde x Boston Lake Rai Min (Northwind x Kavan daughter)) He's so correct. And I LOVE his fleece-it's super soft and sooo crimpy! The slight halo of black hair that covered him at birth is shedding out. He has just a smidgen of it left on his hindquarters and tail. This photo doesn't show his tail too clearly, but it is very short and correct. So far he doesn't have any lightening anywhere either. If indeed he is carrying an extension gene for color, he is really a katmoget or musket under that solid fleece. The parentage test will hopefully determine what is really going on with his color. Thankfully, I like the deep chocolate color he is, regardless.

A friend has expressed interest in borrowing Ris to do some test breeding this fall. If that does not come to fruition, however, I have realized I should put Ris up for sale. I intend to keep his sire, and Ris is related to several of my ewes so I don't need him. Ris is F3 Roban Dillan. I will continue to evaluate his horns. So far they look very good. But his sire is a half-poll with tightly curled horns so I am not certain how Ris's own rack will develop. He was born with enormous horn buds, though, so I don't think he carries a polled gene.
Ris is a very gentle boy. I haven't given him much attention. He comes up once in a while when I'm petting the ewelings. He doesn't press in, though. Usually he just stands back or looses interest.
Please e-mail me at or call me at the phone number provided in the footer for more information about Boston Lake Ris.

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