Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Moons

The past few nights have been especially beautiful. The Moon has been full, and rising through the haze left over from August's daylight heat.

It feels magical to watch the Moon rise. One moment the ghostly sphere is peeking above the treetops, like the eye of a wolf behind a tree-so much larger and startling than one ever imagined. Then, a blink later, the moon is leaving behind the black silhouettes of trees. In that brief span of time, the speed of the Earth's revolution on it's axis is dizzily evident. We are spinning beyond our grasp of reality. Just then we must accept the proof of something we can never fully fathom while still mortal.

Then the Moon breaks free from all Earthly bonds and sails upward into the indigo of atmosphere. We measure it backlit by other suns, from other worlds. This Queenly Moon holds court among her constellations, and rules the sky of stars.


Kimberly at Echowood said...

Pretty pictures, Sabrina! I miss seeing the moon from my own yard. Here, we have so many tall trees, so close in, that we can barely make out the moon shining through the boughs and branches.

August is a time when I long for Minnesota. The cooler weather moving in puts something in the air....an "adventure wind," is how I always thought of it when I was younger.

Hope you enjoy these last glorious days of summer!

Nancy K. said...

Very beautiful, Sabrina. The pictures AND the words...