Monday, September 29, 2008

White Pine Rams

Garrett asked how his babies were doing so I took a few photos of sheep yesterday.

The katmoget is Arvada. He is so beautiful, and his fleece is lustrous, like the reflection of blue sky in water.

When I brought Arvada home around 3-4 months of age, he had very small horns. But they have grown significantly. I am willing to accept that this ramling could be a half-poll, because of his dam's line and because I know from experience what large horns/scurs? half-polls can have. Arvada's horns are not exactly round. They are not massive D shaped horns either, but there is some definition there. Only test breeding to some known poll-carrying ewes will tell for sure. At least that is what I think. Please inform me if you have more insight into ram lambs like Arvada. The good thing is that Arvada is a very good ram in all other respects. He has wonderful conformation and fleece.
Parker lost his one scur (left side of photo) and it is regrowing, though wobbly. His original scur (right) is almost desiccated. It is also quite loose. He will probably loose and regrow scurs more than once. He's already learned to avoid Arvada's attempts to head-butt.

Parker is still my lovey-dove. He plumps himself down beside me anytime I have to be in his pen. It's like my very presence is a sedative. I do try to avoid working with him. But he's always right there, waiting for me to pause and stand still long enough for his knees to buckle. If I move on, he gets up and trots over to my new work spot and tries to lie down there. No matter how coldly I return his lamby affections, he doesn't seem to notice he's been spurned in love. Silly ramling.

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Rayna said...

Still beautiful boys!