Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Lyneth was greatly upset the day her dam left to visit the ram pen. Anna Belle and the others should return tomorrow. If all goes well, the breeding ewes will follow me and my pan of corn down one of the narrow little lanes cut through our enormous drifts. I doubt anyone will try to bounce their way through the knee-high snow.
As I hoped, this isolation from their protective mothers has helped the four ewe lambs bond. Bitty Silvy is one of the flock now. She will still be on the bottom rung, but the other ewe lambs like her now without their prejudiced dams whispering in their ears. The ewe lambs also got prime space at the feeder for a month and a half. I think it is good for un-bred ewe lambs to go into winter a little fat. I am eager to have all the girls back in a single pen. It makes feeding so much easier. I also think they enjoy the larger social picture.
Unicorn and Bombarde need to get back together in the big pen. I'm not sure that will happen tomorrow. It will happen in a day or two, when Clancy has time to help me move the cattle panel enclosure. I want to pick a warm day to squeeze them together. I think it would be hard for them to stand in a tiny pen when it is really cold and they would rather cuddle into some bedding. As soon as those two beasts are reunited, I can put the ramlings in the more spacious pen Bombarde will abandon. Those two goof balls act exactly like teenage boys. And they beg like puppies. I think Parker considers himself a pet and doesn't understand why he can't live in the house. He's the funniest ram I've ever seen. Even though I don't pet my spring ram lambs, I hope Parker passes on his sweet temperament next year when it's his turn to meet some ewes.
Merry Christmas!

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