Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 Farm Goals

It is a good time to map out some goals for the year. Thank you, Garrett, for the inspiration.

Last night I jotted down a few plans on paper as I waited for supper to cook. I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Log off some aspen to open up more grazing.

Clear the brush with the flock.
Cut hay off new pasture by June 1.
Bale hay first week of June.
Move lambing barn to better location.
Put fence posts around sheep field.
Cultivate and reseed little field.
Retain best 09 Unicorn daughter if possible.
Retain 09 Bombarde daughters.
Retain 09 Bombarde son if polled.
Put Whitepine Arvada to Silvy, Nhu, and Lyneth.
Put ShelteringPines Bombarde to Sian, Rai Min, and Anna Belle again.
Go into 09 winter with 6 breeding ewes, 2-3 breeding rams, and 4 or less ewe lambs: Aim for 12 sheep overwintering.
Figure out what I'm going to do with the sheep that don't fit into my plan. (hard part)

ShelteringPines Dolce is the featured sheep for today. This snap was taken late fall 08, the day I put her in with Windswept Unicorn for April lambs.