Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fleece Shots

My sheep are pretty lovey-dovey. Especially the lambs. I always assume it should be easy to click off a few photos of fleeces.
The camera, as object, is great cause for suspicion among the older ewes. Their lambs pick up on the cue and become a little skittish too. Then there is always at least one girl (Sian!) that wants to eat the camera. Nibble, nibble...tug, tug...heavy, moist breathing on the lens...
Thanks sooooo much, Siana.
After 90 snapshots I managed to obtain these four that show my two favorite lamb fleeces. They might need to be "biggified" to see the exciting crimp.
Photo 1 is Boston Lake Lyneth from above. She is a white lamb with very fine crimpy fleece. Photo 2 is a shot of the fleece parted behind her hip. It is still crimpy back there and still soft. Be assured Lyneth did not allow me to touch her back end until I had her restrained. Any other day she doesn't care what I do. But there was that camera, you know.
Photo 3 is twin sister Boston Lake Nhu from above. She is a black katmoget lamb. Her crimp is much more bold. And though I am very pleased with Lyneth's uniform fleece, Nhu is even more uniform. Photo 4 is Nhu's fleece parted. I love how dark she is at the skin level. I think kat fleeces spin up so beautifully.
Both of these girls are daughters of Sheltering Pines Bombarde. I put him to three girls this fall. I hope I get some more keeper lambs from him this spring.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I really want a dark katmoget someday...polled, of course!

Becky Utecht said...

Nhu's fleece looks really nice! I may need to lease Bombarde from you sometime. I loved the back ends he put on his lambs too.