Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last Light

I had just enough time to snap a couple photos tonight before the sun dipped below the horizon. Clancy said this one looked like a real Minnesota winter. Desolate, perhaps. The temps were actually quite mild today: around 30 degrees. This is beautiful compared to what we endured last week: -30 degrees night after night. The weather forcast is for cold to press down on us again by the weekend. I plan to keep my spirits up by posting a few sheep photos. My sheepies always cheer me up.

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Becky Utecht said...

Yes, it's so nice to have a bout of mild temps again. I was hoping to free up the sliding door on our pole building while it's warm out, but it may be a lost cause until spring. Thankfully the next cold snap isn't supposed to last as long. I don't mind below zero overnights as long as we can get above zero during the day. And the sheep don't seem to mind a bit. Yes, they really cheer a person up, don't they? Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.