Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Lambs

Meet Vianne...
and Niav...
Anna Belle X Bombarde lambs from Easter Sunday.
They had a splendid time exploring outside in the sunshine today. It is so funny watching them learn how to run and hop. I got a couple of mid-air photos that I'll share later.
Dolce lambed at 1am this morning. I had set the alarm to ring at 2am, but I was wide awake by 1:20am so I went out to check on the girls. Sure enough, two little white lambies sired by Unicorn. Poor Dolce was distracted by all the other ewes that wanted her lambs. She had done a good job of cleaning them off, though. Clancy helped me move the little family to the lambing barn and before we left them both babies had filled their tummies. Dolce's lambs are always the most vigorous at birth. They are born ready. She had a ramling and a eweling this year. This is the first time she's given me a ram lamb.