Monday, April 27, 2009

Rai Min Lambs

Rai Min gave us a pair of ram lambs last night around 11:30 pm. I called the musket, Roux and I named the grey, Rigg.
Both lambs have spotting, which surprised me. Roux has ultra-crimp to his tail, with a thin halo of black hair on his back half. His brother from last year-Ris-had the same thing and it fell out as he grew. Rigg has a uniform coat of curly fleece.
I have no idea yet how these fleeces feel since the lambs are still a bit damp. Unless something is wrong, I try to stay out of the jug for the first 24 hours. Of course, I make sure the navels are dipped and the lambs have nursed right away. And I check their bellies after a few hours to see if they have eaten much. But after that I try to just observe over the wall and let the new family bond.
I have no familiarity with other sheep maybe they all do this...and I've seen what mineral deficiencies can do to lambs as well...but when Shetlands are healthy, their lambs are amazingly vigorous. They leap right up and suck as soon as they hit the ground. And if they can't leap yet, they just reach up and grab on. These two boys were butting each other out of the way at the milk station before they were even 20 minutes old. What a relief this year to have such healthy births!
Mama and boys were good and full this morning when I checked. All I added was some fresh straw to their pen and some good alfalfa for the ewe. It is 32 degrees, windy and wet here today. Awful lambing weather. I am eternally grateful for the nice little barn Clancy and the boys built me. The inner-most jug has high solid walls so there is lots of privacy and windbreak for lambing and babies. Stay warm, little fellows!


marchwind said...

Sabrina they are so cute! It is so funny that you got spots after we were just talking about it.


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I know...they came out'a nowhere! LOL.

The little black and white guy will fade though. He's got the greying gene. But it is sure cute while it lasts. :)

Anonymous said...

It is so funny that you got spots after we were just talking about it.
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