Friday, April 17, 2009

Tax Day Lambs

Darla Gay
and Dan.
Dolce X Unicorn lambs born very early in the morning on April 15.
I have always given Dolce's lambs "D" names. When I looked at my trusty lamb-names list, none of them seemed right for this little ewe lamb. Clancy and I thought of the name Darla Gay simultaneously. It is the name my mother was going to name me when I was born, before she decided on her old favorite "Sabrina" at the last minute.
It seemed inevitable. I've always thought my life would have been a lot different if my name had been Darla Gay. I have also always felt there was a Darla Gay waiting for a life somewhere out there in the universe. In the back of my mind I am always vaguely aware of her.
So here she is, for better or worse, a beautiful white lamb out of my friendliest ewe. Miss Darla Gay


Nancy K. said...

What precious babies! There's something so Angelic about white lambs.

So, I'm assuming you'll have to keep Darla Gay ~ you couldn't possibly sell your namesake/alter ego, could you?????


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Ah, good question.

I was thinking of keeping her because Dolce may be going to another farm and I don't have any Unicorn girls in the flock.

We'll see. Unicorn does not fit very well into my "polled" program. But maybe I could breed a daughter to a polled boy some day? I would like to capture his fleece in a girl or two before I let him go.

On the other hand, naming this little lamb Darla Gay has already helped me come to terms with that name. :) It is finally something separate from me. Sorta funny.

And you are right about white lambs, it's hard not to name every one of them Angel. They are so adorable.

Karen B. said...

Dolce's white lambs are adorable. And she is so lovely, too. :)