Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sian's Twins

No time to get great photos this morning. I just took a couple from over the door and outside the jug.
Since Sian belongs to my oldest son, and the lambs are his, he named these two. He made these up. He's a "namer" after my own heart.
The little grey ewe lamb is Leil. For non-Shetland people: this lamb's black body will fade to grey as she gets older. Her head and legs will stay essentially black, though. Leil has a gorgeous newborn coat.
This katmoget ram lamb is Jchen. I can't figure out if those white patches on his side are spotting or just katmoget variation. My other kat Bombarde baby has dark solid sides. But I know there can be a big difference from lamb to lamb. Any thoughts from those in the know?


Kara said...

I say they look like spots to me. I had 6 kats this year and 3 last year and none have sides that light and all are different shades, but I am sure someone with much more experience can tell you better. Nice looking lambs, congrats.

Garrett808 said...

Sabrina! I's say the white spot on his forebhead is surely spotting. The sides is more iffy. Some call that phaeo...but i've had kat with the body spotting and some without. Jazz was body spotted like an appaloosa and he also had facial spots. The spotting tends to fade in adults in katmogets....not sure why.