Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Debs Parade

Something really special happens this time of year...Puposky folks, and those from surrounding neighborhoods, like Nebish and Aure, gather in Debs on the Fourth of July to celebrate with a parade. This year might have been the biggest crowd ever: approximately 2000 people attended or entered the parade. And yet there was room for everyone along the gravel road of Deb's singular city block.
It's tradition for the parade to circle the route twice: the first pass as formally as can be mustered, the second time with wild abandon and a great release of candy, freezy pops, and water balloons left over from the first pass.
There is joy on every face, happiness in every heart, and a gratefulness in our privilege of being American citizens.
One of the best things about the parade is that one tends to know most of the people in it.Folks are showing off their favorite tractors, or the cars and trucks they have just restored.The volunteer fire departments, harness club members, mounted posse, and other horse lovers all turn out in their finest regalia. Here are a few highlights from this year's fantastic holiday celebration:
A pretty appaloosa
The barn behind our spot along the road
Wendell waving to the crowd
Neil's Corvette
A very cool Uncle Sam
Ryan driving fire truck for Alaska Township
Ervin's tractor
The St. Peter Corvette pulling off the parade route
Earl's sharp team
A patriotic bull terrier
William leads a political statement
Family with root beer added: Asa Clancy Selena Leif Isaac
The rides relax while their drivers visit
Heading home

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