Saturday, July 25, 2009


Thursday night we finally got Parker's scurs trimmed.
The larger scur, which had not been knocked out a third time like the other one, had curled around and was starting to rub just behind the eye. Parker is always so cooperative. Still, he didn't appreciate the ob wire grinding through his horn. The horn itself wiggled quite a bit as I sawed. I managed to cut it a little high and it bled for a minute. We put pink Swat on the horn and on the tiny raw spot where the horn was touching him and he was fine. Since we were handling him, I trimmed his smaller scur as well. It did not bleed at all and it only took a few seconds to cut through.
After a bit of praise and petting for being so good, Parker was reluctant to be released. He soon discovered the new grass we moved the fence to, though, and he trotted off on his merry way.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

He sounds like a very nice boy. It is easy to get spoiled by bone knobs and tiny scurs, but half-polls with more growth like Parker are just as valuable to your breeding program when you are trying to "go polled."

Jenifer said...

I always think how nice they must be to sit in on Sunday mornings, with the sun shining in through the windows....

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