Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Fleece Photos

I can't seem to take decent fleece photos. Perhaps it takes two people: one to hold the sheep and the other to focus the camera and hold it steady with both hands. At any rate, I attempted to get a few fleece shots on Saturday while I was visiting the pastures. Click on the photos to "big" them:
WhitePine Parker
he tapers off in the hindquarters, but he may just be my finest fleece in front of the last rib
WhitePine Arvada
just amazing!
SheltrngPines Bombarde
fleece sampled from his rump got a 90% comfort factor in his spring micron report
Bomby is the sire of the following two lambs
Boston Lake Leil

scrumptious tiny ringlets
Boston Lake Niav
a lovely crimpy kat fleece
behind her shoulder
and farther back


Juliann said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! That looks like handspinning delight! Bombarde is a real treasure.

Tammy said...

Pretty, pretty fleeces, lovely sheep! I know what you mean about trying to get fleece photos while trusting the sheep to hold still.

Gail V said...

Beautiful crimpy fleeces Sabrina.
Last year I got a ram out of Justalitl Sarah and LittleRedOak Mullein who has amazing crimped locks like your Arvada. Color looks similar, too, but I know computer pix may not appear true (This guy, Shawn, is fawn).
Your Niav DOES have lovely fleece. . . I may have to break my own scrapie monitored date to get her. Hmmm