Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Good Ram Lambs

Boston Lake Farm is offering for sale it's two best ram lambs of the season.
Windswept Unicorn x Boston Lake Delyth
Bence is four square, he has a perfect tail, and lovely widespread horns. He carries one white pattern gene. He may carry moorit, and spots as well. He is reserved with people; very well mannered. Bence has lovely long intermediate wool with beautiful lustre.
Registered $200
Sheltrgpines Bombarde x Boston Lake Sian
Jchen is also four square with a perfect tail and good horns. He would be my keeper replacement for Bombarde if he was not fully horned. This is someones great chance to own a fully horned Bombarde son. Bombarde has amazing fleece! Jchen's dam is the best black ewe I have here. Jchen is exactly the type of Shetland I am breeding for. He has gorgeous soft, blue, crimpy fleece. I'm very proud of him. He carries moorit and has a significant krunet, so he also carries spots.
Registered $300
More photos and fleece samples available on request. Contact info at bottom of page. Thank you.


Juliann said...

Nice looking lambs, I especially like the Bombarde son. He's gorgeous!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thanks Juliann.