Monday, October 19, 2009

Jchen: Notice

Note: Please be aware that I have sent Jchen's fleece in for a micron report. I will hold him until that info comes back. If it is as good as I hope, I will post his numbers and he will be available for a limited time before I send him to the processor. Thank you.
Boston Lake Jchen is still available for sale. I would love to see this fine young ram go to a breeding home. If anyone has even the slightest interest in this boy, please contact me. I am willing to be flexible with arrangements. My contact info is at the bottom of this site.
Fleece sample from last rib taken 10/09.
Micron info on sire, Sheltering Pines Bombarde. This sample was gathered Spring '09 from Bombarde's RUMP. I know the numbers are difficult to compare to last rib numbers in other flocks. But this is the info I have to offer. And I think these are nice numbers from a rump sample. Anything in front of that sample will be finer.

Micron info on dam, Boston Lake Sian. This sample was also gathered Spring '09 from behind Sian's HIP. Again, it is not exactly comparable to last rib microns, but it is what I have at this time for info. Sian is a glossy black, with iset showing up on her rump not until three years of age. Her sire and dam were uniform, crimpy, soft, and well conformed with tiny tails and good lambing history of twins.
Jchen carries moorit and spots. He is wide and straight in the hind quarters, with a tiny tail. Jchen is also well behaved and reserved with people.


Juliann said...

I sure hope he sells. He's too darn nice to not be breeding ewes somewhere.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thanks, Juliann. No one has offered yet, so I'm facing the reality of probably putting him in the freezer if I don't want to feed him through the winter. I will hold him over if I can swing the room. But I was planning on using 3-4 rams for breeding + a ewe lamb pen...too many pens! So I might just have to simplify.

Bombarde did not sell-which is not a surprise considering how late in the season I offered him. So since I'll still have him I think I'll use him again. I just can't bear to send him to the freezer.

Tough choices...I usually think things through a little earlier than this, but life was busy this summer. :) I'm certainly not the first shepherd that has had to put good sheep in the freezer. Such is life.

Just realized I sound whiney. Not so, just thinking out loud. Take care! :)

Garrett808 said...

Jchen is awesome! If only I didn't have so many gray kats already....

and threatening doesn't help ME out, so if it works for you, I'll have you sell my ram lambs too :):)

Good luck! :)

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Well, I hate that bleeding heart sell routine too, but I was willing to go the distance for this little guy...hence the "he's headed to the freezer folks"

So far it hasn't got me anywhere though! :) I expect everyone is pretty well set for their breeding season.

If his numbers come back sweet I might hold him over. But again, everyone has so many black kats! Oh why couldn't he have been a half-poll????!!!!!!! Then he could've have stayed and been my pride and very own home-bred ram. sigh

Juliann said...

Sabrina he's worth going the distance for. I have no qualms about shipping overstock to market, but it pains me to to ship an exceptional sheep just because it didn't sell. The right buyer just hasn't found you yet.
If you could have got him to Jefferson, I'm sure he would have sold. He's higher quality than 90% of the rams I saw there, including mine. That is the type of ram that horn breeders should be banging down your door for and throwing money at you.
I think it's a combo of bad timing and your location. Most of us have our groups lined up, if not up already.
I sure hope you can hold him over the winter and get a good price for him next spring as a magnificent yearling.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

whoa...I feel very honored and humbled to hear you say those things, Juliann. Thanks for the encouragement.