Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deep January

Clancy took this photo of the sunset reflected against the Eastern horizon.

Looking West, our view has dramatically changed. A friend of the family has been logging off the mature aspen in our deep forest. We knew we had a lot of aspen mixed in with our hardwoods, cedar, and balsam. We knew it would look different with it removed. But it REALLY looks different!
The older I get the more I am learning to accept the positive aspects of change. The aspen was overly mature and was starting to blow over. Though it isn't thrilling to see piles of branches that need to be burned, it is interesting to see the lay of the land a bit more. Some pretty young hardwoods will have more room to develop. And my sheep will have another acre or two of grazing within view of the house.
Like everything else around this farm, it will take work to make the logged off areas look the way I want them to. Rather daunting. But exciting too.

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