Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Early Spring

Slowly the grass is greening up. I wouldn't say it is growing yet...but certain areas are no longer predominantly brown. The leaves on the aspen trees just popped yesterday afternoon. This is the time of year when it is easy to identify certain trees by the shade of color they cast on the horizon. Aspens are the first to green. Maples are covered in scarlet flowers. Elms are also flowering, but they are brown and smell faintly of formaldehyde.
Anna Belle is in a jug today with the early signs of labor. I expect lambs by tonight. Nhu is just as big as can be, but her due date is Sunday. She will probably hold out a few more days.
Lyneth is the lady in question. Is she bred or is she just overweight? Her udder is bigger than the unbred yearlings, but not really developed. She could lamb as late as May 20-a month away. I supposed there is still hope for her yet.
S'more Courante
The rams finally got out on pasture today. I meant to move them a week ago but things just kept coming up. Then, when I thought I was ready with the electronet, it became apparent that I needed a new battery this year...and new clips for the wires that connect to the fencer.
Clancy got it all working over lunch today and now we have some happy boys. There is not enough grass for them to eat so I will supplement with hay. But at least they are on clean ground again.
The ewes have been wandering free in the yard for about 2 weeks now. Of course they love it, and they happily return to the pen at night when I shake the treat bucket.
Baby Esyllt is blissfully enjoying all the splendid weather and growing like a weed.
Love her little face. :)


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I checked on Anna as soon as I published and there were two wet lambs - a grey and a white. Born about 3:15pm.
More later!

Michelle said...

What? No gender report? Oh well, you started with a ewe lamb so it can't ever get as "bad" as my lamb crop this year!