Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nhu Lambs

Last evening, Nhu was not very interested in following the flock around. Her due date was Sunday (today) so I figured she was right on schedule. This morning at 6:30 am, she was standing in the middle of the paddock all by herself while the other girls were still sleeping in the barn. I asked Clancy to help me get her into a clean jug before she gave birth out on the wet grass. By the way, we got rain yesterday! :)
Considering that I could not tempt Nhu with grain, and the fact that she staggered when I shooed her toward the barn (mid-contraction stumble) I knew she was going to have those lambs very soon.
And she did. Twin katmoget ram lambs sired by WhitePine Arvada. This was Nhu's first pregnancy so I was surprised by the twins. She really didn't look that big. But there they were, almost dry by 8 am.
The light one seems to have some facial spotting. The dark one has what I think is the "dog hair" coat that some shepherds have mentioned seeing in lambs. That is the first time I've seen it here. Both have distinct horn buds so they do not have a future in my flock. But I'm happy to get two healthy lambs!


Becky Utecht said...

Yup, healthy lambs and healthy moms are truly a blessing. Good job Nhu!

Garrett808 said...

I KNEW Arvada carried spots...he had a tiny krunet at birth, and Jazz was his dad and he's very spotted! Meleng was out of a spotted sire. I'm tickled he got that moorit from him momma. Had I known that, He would have replaced Jazz....that's how life goes!

Congrats on some cute babes!