Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Reasons

In my effort to catch up on blogging, I must go back a week to announce the purchase of two old scrappy Camaros for my almost-16 twin sons. Why on earth did we get them sports cars? Well, we had some good reasons:
1. We figured the boys would take better care of cars that they actually liked.
2. The bodies may be sporty but the engines and horse-power are really quite average.
3. If they drive nasty, parts are bound to fall off and the cars will likely suffer major heart attacks.
4. Once the racing stripes are painted on the dark car, both Camaros should be Cop Magnets, which is exactly what we want our teenage boys to be driving. evil grin
Do I think my boys should be old enough to drive yet? Good Heavens, NO! Pray for me. Pray for THEM! I expect this little epoch to give me gray hair. sigh

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Oh Sabrina, I do not envy you this next stage in life. It is a wonderful thing that we serve a mighty God who loves our boys even more than we do!