Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As the Lambs Grow

A bit late, Clancy and I gave the first round of C & D vaccines to the youngest four lambs last night. We also changed coats on a couple of them and two of the yearlings. I think I will order a few more size D coats. It seems to be the standard sheared adult ewe size for my flock...or the size for the yearling with some fleece.

My lambs were in size A coats at 8 weeks. By 11 weeks they are moving into the B size.
The ewes mobbed us while we were in the pen. Clancy gave shots while I tried to keep the girls from biting him and tugging on his clothes. For some reason, if my girls aren't getting the attention they want, they bite us on bare skin. It pinches! They are so naughty and spoiled...some more than others...(Leil & Sian!)
Tecwyn at 10 weeks.

Tecwyn from the rear.

Clennam at 11 weeks.

Carys at 11 weeks.

Esyllt at 13 weeks, with her mother, January.

I love Esyllt's beautiful head.

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rlmaher said...

where do you order your coats for your sheep. I am needing to order some for my flock and they look like nice ones.
Thank you