Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After several mouthfuls of new grass, Beck decided he was curious about the lady with the camera. Since I don't pet my ram lambs, they don't often come up close. I didn't mind the temporary interest, though, because it gave me a chance to take some photos of him. The fresh paddocks have long grass which usually makes it difficult to get a shot of anything more than sheep coats and ears.

Beck is 12+ weeks old in these photos. My guess is that he carries one polled gene and one horned gene. I realize his scurs are significant, but my full horned ram lambs from previous years used to have much bigger horns by this age.

He is wonderfully sqare with a perfect little tail. He also has soft fluffy fleece. The dog-hair coat from his newborn days is long gone. I expect his fleece to have a good length too, since his parents had nice length.

Visiting the mineral pan.

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