Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lambs For Sale

Boston Lake Carys and Clennam are for sale.
They are twins
by ShelteringPines Bombarde and out of Bramble Anna Belle.
14 weeks old.
I consider both to be 'keeper' quality. But I still have Anna Belle in my flock, as well as three full blood sisters to these lambs.
Mid-side fleece samples from both parents have just been sent in for micron testing and those reports will be posted as soon as they return.
White ewe lamb. Carries Moorit and either Katmoget or Grey pattern from sire. I feel certain Carys is a poll carrier, and she has a 50% chance of having a second polled gene from her 'half-polled' sire. She has excellent conformation, tail, and ear-set. Her wool will be 4 inches long, crimpy, and soft.
Click here to see fleece samples from her 2 year old and yearling full sisters (Lyneth, Nhu, Vianne).
The only weakness I find with Carys is that she currently has a slight under bite. It is very slight and her other full siblings that have had this trait have grown out of it. The lambs out of her full sister have excellent bites, so I feel it is an easily corrected weakness.
Grey ram lamb. Carries Moorit and Solid pattern.
Excellent top line, conformation, tail, bite and presence. Will have 4 inch long crimpy, soft fleece. The most uniformly crimpy birthcoat I have ever seen. I feel Clennam is a half poll with slow-growing scurs. I would keep him as his sire's replacement if he wasn't already related to so many of my younger ewes. Clennam's weakness is his ear-set: his ears are horizontal rather than set above the horizontal. (They do not droop as the photo angle suggests.) His full-sister has lambs with excellent ear-set so I also think this trait can be corrected.
For more info please contact Sabrina Wille Erickson
Thank You!

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