Saturday, September 25, 2010

Codon 171 Test Results

I took advantage of an offer from USDA to have my rams genetically tested for scrapie resistance at Codon 171.  An official USDA veterinarian collected blood samples from the five rams I have on my property on 9/9/10.  The results came in the mail 9/24/10. 

Helpful information supplied by Gene Check, Inc:
"Codon 171 is the most commonly tested codon.  It is used to test for susceptibility to Strain C scrapie (the most common form of scrapie in the U.S.)  Result possibilities are QQ, QR, or RR.
QR and RR sheep are resistant to strain C scrapie.
Codon 136 is used to test for susceptibility to Strain A scrapie (recently discovered in the U.S.)  Result possibilities are VV, AV, AA.
Codon 136 [testing] is necessary only on QR and QQ animals.  It is not necessary to test RR animals as they are automatically AA at Codon 136.
Only AA sheep are resistant to Strain A scrapie.
Testing at Codon 154 is generally used only for research purposes."

My flock results
Little Red Oak Ash      QQ
S'more Courante          QR
Boston Lake Clennam  QR
Boston Lake Tecwyn    RR
Boston Lake Beck        RR

I have listed this info with each sheep on the Flock and Sale pages.  Using this information, and that from Kimberwood Kavan's results in 2006 (171: QR  136: AA), I was able to add some knowns to offspring of these rams.  Therefore, some of my ewes also have some partial information.


Garrett808 said...

Wait. Is this still free? This would help me immensely so I don't have to pay for it :)

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Yes, this codon is free. If you missed the cut off, new funds are available for this project again in October.

There is a fee for the other tests (codons, spider, Johnes & OPP) but the USDA vet could probably collect samples while he's there. If he would do it that would save you costs too.

Steve Just is the vet that has come to my farm twice now. His info:
Office: 651-290-3691
Cell: 651-270-2999

Good luck :)