Saturday, October 16, 2010


The gorgeous weather is still with us.  I am not's wonderful.  The temps will be low overnight this coming week, though.  So Clancy and I picked the last of the peppers.  They are so pretty together in the bowl.
I also purchased all of my winter hay this week.  The gentleman that leases my dad's hay fields put up his second cutting without rain and he agreed to sell me twenty bales.  That should definitely cover me if I can keep it tarped well and reduce spoilage.  The best part is that the field is right next to Clancy's mill...exactly one mile away.  He can just bring a bale home with the bobcat when I need one.  I am so thrilled...God really answered my prayers in this matter.

Today is a day to get lots of yard work finished.  Hopefully I can get the last of the pastures mowed and the winter pens and barn cleaned out.  Clancy and I are also going to sketch out some hay feeders.  I'd like to build the style I saw at Becky's farm.  We already have the materials salvaged from other projects. 
Hopefully, we will accomplish much today.  Have a good one yourself! 


Michelle said...

Does that mean you will be able to winter over all those fine ram lambs?

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Technically, yes. Wouldn't mind it if one or more went to new homes, though :)

I'll be down to 15 sheep next week:
2 adult rams
3 ram lambs
2 ewe lambs
8 mature ewes