Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beck Moves On

On Sunday, Beck went home with our friend Mary.  Bence, the ram lamb she got from me two years ago, was getting a bit much to deal with in her flock of two Icelandic ewes.  So I suggested she put Bence in the freezer and come pick out a different ram lamb.

Pulling the coats off Beck and his twin,Tecwyn, was a bit of a surprise...
Tecwyn, my favorite, was indeed soft and silky.  He has a rather wide crimp pattern, a lot like his sire Arvada had.
But Beck had super crimp coming in-even on his hips.  It was just amazing!  And I would have never guessed. 

So my little Dark Horse has gone to meet some Icelandic girls.  And I am happy for him.  And happy that Mary will get that lovely fleece from him before she sends him to the freezer. 
Now Beck, be a good boy and give Mary some ewe lambs!

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