Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Have a Little Humor, Shall We?

Greta the Bouncy Dog.
When she is excited and wants to play, 
Greta will find a small twig, or stem of hay, and fling it into the air and catch it. 
over and over and over...

I'm Game
Courante with a mouthful of hay.
Sheep teeth always make me laugh.

"You Call That Funny?"
Deadpan Shachah


Nancy K. said...

Oh my gosh, Sabrina! Did you change the text on your blog? It's so tiny I had to make my screen print out huge in order to read it!

I saw your Facebook post today and am SO glad that your lean meat experiment went well. Wishing you continued good health!

Kelly Bartels said...

Your pictures brought a very welcome smile to my face. Trying to stay positive and patient.
I join Nancy in my congrats on the successful lean meat meal, and I hope you have continued progress.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thanks ladies. :)

Karen B. said...

Nice pictures, Sabrina. Shachah looks so serious! I'd love to have one of those dogs. But back to the matter at hand, I have to say I don't have a clue about NASSA's troubles. Is there somewhere I can read about what is going on? Sorry, I must be out of the loop.