Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Checking Off the List

Leil & Lana

Clancy and I gave CD&T shots to all the ewes last night.  And I also snipped off wool samples from every girl to send out for micron testing. 
Here's hoping the results come back very soon!

Having the girls on their backsides for a minute gave me a good look at which ones are bagging up.  None of them are due till April 16th or later.  But it looks like a couple will come in quite close to that date. 
In order of biggest bag to smallest, with ewe color and ram mate in parenthesis.
Courante = scurred black katmoget.   Ash = polled moorit.

Hannah  (moorit x Courante)
Leil  (gray x Ash)
January  (moorit kat x Courante)
Nhu  (black kat x Courante)
Sian  (black x Ash)
Vianne  (white x Ash)
Lana  (black gulmoget x Ash)
Lyneth  (white x Courante)

Unfortunately, Lyneth and Lana are not showing any signs of being bred yet.  Lyneth didn't take last year so I'm starting to doubt her ability to breed.  I am hoping my dear little gully girl took, though.  The ewes were with rams for an extra long time this season.  I suppose both girls could be bred and just not showing yet.  Please, please, pretty please!

Lyneth & Hannah


stephen rouse said...

Great photos! Lovely fleeces!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thanks so much, Stephen!

Becky Utecht said...

We sheared a couple weeks ago and I was certain that my little moorit out of Hannah wasn't bred, but now I think she's starting to make a bag! I left the rams in for a long time this year so late lambs are possible. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Lana is bred!