Saturday, March 26, 2011

Late March

I just finished working at my season job this week.  For the first time in months I took a good look at the flock.  There is a ton of work I better get done in the next two weeks!  Lambs are due on April 16th.  And at least one of the ewes looks like she'll barely be able to wait that long.

I did start feeding corn/oats this week.  Hopefully Clancy and I can get the CD&T shots done over the weekend.  We'll probably do hooves before we let them out to pasture.  And I have to call Byron, our shearer, to set up a date.  I hope I can schedule prior to lambing.  That always makes it easier to see what is going on with the girls.

S'more Courante, my 2 year old ram, is still for sale.  I just put new photos of him up on the Stock for Sale page.  Take a look if you are interested in polled genetics.

Here are some other photos I took yesterday:
Clennam & Tecwyn...rowdy idiots like most ram lambs are.

My beautiful Vianne.

A very pregnant Hannah, yearling Esyllt, and Lyneth up close.

Lana, distracted from the hay pile by two bald eagles skimming the tree tops.

My pretty Nhu. 
I hope she gives me ewe lambs this year that are every bit as nice as last year's ram lambs.


Kelly Bartels said...

Oh my Sabrina, you have lovely sheep.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thank you, Kelly. :)