Friday, April 15, 2011


Grandlambs:  definition. offspring produced by one's own sheep that have previously gone to live at other farms.
photo note: the broom was used to keep a naughty rooster at bay.  :)

A dear friend from church, Mary, took Beck, one of my 2010 ram lambs, home last fall to use over her two Icelandic ewes.  Her two girls each gave her a set of twins this week.  A set of black ram lambs, one with HST spotting.  And a set of black katmogets, a plain ram and a HST spotted ewe lamb.
HST stands for Head Socks Tail spotting pattern
Since both of my friend's ewes are wildly spotted blacks, these lambs told me a bit about Beck.  Though he is a plain brown katmoget, he does carry spots (never would have guessed) and he does carry solid (his dam and sire were both kats).  Not that this info does him much good.  He'll go to the freezer as soon as he's sheared next week.  But that is no surprise to me.  Mary has a small farm and I totally support the fact that some folks choose not to keep breeding rams year 'round.  Adult rams do not make good pets.
I snapped this photo of the dam to the katmoget twins for those Shetland folks interested in spotting genetics.  It looked like the "caped" pattern that was mentioned a while back.
And here is that little ewe lamb up close.  I think Mary is super lucky to have the only ewe lamb of the season turn out to be fanciest lamb in the bunch.  Best wishes to Mary and all my little Grandlambies! 


Tifany said...

Your grandlamb here is grand too! We are now thinking of wethering him because Kohen is so in love with his Darla girl's baby. He even wags his tail like Darla when Koe gives him a scratch! haven't broken down and named him, so we'll see.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Oh, Tifany, a wether WOULD make a good pet...unlike a ram! :) I hope you post a picture of Kohen and his Darla family soon! (I know you are a busy woman, though)
Have a good weekend on your farm. just started to snow here. (frown)

Marya said...

Thanks for posting photos since my mom hasn't figured out how to send them. Now I can show her grandkids your grandlambs!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

You are most welcome, Marya!