Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring 2011 Micron Data

The micron data on my wool samples came in the mail this week.
Click on the photo to make the image larger (and legible).
The flock as a whole is getting finer each year, so I'll count that as progress.  Though I wish for finer fleeces than I have now. 
On the "Our Flock" page I have listed age and micron data for each sheep.  I will add the same info to the "Fleece For Sale" page soon.


Michelle said...

Oh, that's very nice, indeed, Sabrina! I would LOVE to have that flock average! You are obviously doing a great job.

Kelly Bartels said...

Good numbers and flock average Sabrina. I can't wait to see what my fall microns will be on my lambs, I love seeing if my hands are a good measuring tool for fine fleece. Seems like I get fooled by a sheep or two every time I test.
All any of us can hope for is baby steps forward.

Rayna said...

Awesome! Very awesome!