Friday, April 22, 2011

Two of the Sweeties

I'm in love with Sian's little twins, Francesca and Jane!
They are so perfectly delicate and sweet.
Francesca, the slightly smaller twin, was more bouncy and adventurous on her first visit to the great outdoors.
Jane was a bit more timid, but just as cute.
I'm so delighted to get some solid colored girls in the flock. 
And I can't wait to spoil them with smooches. 
I love the smell of clean baby lambs!


Kelly Bartels said...

I never tire of lamb pictures. And the coats are pretty neat too. I use 12 or 18 mos sweatshirts from the thrift store with their arms cut off and little "boy" notches cut into them.

Becky Utecht said...

Oh,they are sweeties! I love the smell of the lambs too. I could spend hours out in the barn just watching the lambs and ewes interact and taking photos. They grow so fast!