Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Summer Ram Lambs

Ta-Da! The inspiring Trans Am!
I never get tired of photographing this boy.

Tucker's head.  Just minutes before he broke off one of his button scurs.  Wish all my ram lambs had so little horn material!  Tucker has improved in his attitude.  He is seldom even interested in me anymore, and when he does come forward, he sniffs and walks away again.  I never did get him banded.  So I am impressed that he seems to have outgrown his shenanigans.  Tucker is my second largest ram lamb, recessive for moorit, and carrying solid.
Nhu's twin ram lambs, Gwilym & Ian.  Both have gorgeous fleece.  I'm showing their back ends because the moorit was born with what appeared to be a long hairy tail.  It was so out of line with his parentage.  But look at him now...a very small and proper tail!  How these lambs can surprise me.

Here is Nhu's moorit, Ian, from the front.  One of his scurs broke early on, the other is it's original length.  This boy had a spotted forehead at birth.  And I'll be coating him as soon as I get out the needle and thread to repair one more C coat.


stephen rouse said...

Nice Lambs! Trans AM: be still my heart! wow. Are you breeding with him this autumn? Fleece looks exquisite.

Kelly Bartels said...

I'd saw you have amble reason to be proud of that group of boys. I have the twin to your last ram pictured, right down to the broken scur.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I'll be honest, folks...I don't know what I should do with Trans Am. He is gorgeous in every way. His fleece is marvelous. But I'm trying for polled and so he has too much horn for me. But not enough horn for horned breeders. Plus he is by Courante, who sired one cryptorchid this spring. So does that mean I shouldn't offer him up for sale? I am open to hearing advice/opinions on the matter.

To me, it seems such a waste to butcher a ram lamb this lovely. But is it ridiculous to expect anyone might be interested? And have others sold lambs from a ram that has thrown a problem when mated with an unrelated ewe before? I am keeping his twin sister for myself. But I don't see a particular need in my flock for Trans Am. So I'm all up in the air about him.

Kelly Bartels said...

Well, Sabrina, I see your point, but you have been honest about him and there's nothing that prevents you from offering him with full disclosure. You only think there may be a cryptorchid issue with him, if there was more conclusive evidence, I'd be more inclined to cull him. I guess what I'm trying to say is....if you offer him, and explain what he is, then you are being responsible.